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With a FHA foreclosure directory at your fingertips, you can easily access the information you need without spending sa lot of time on research.

When you are interested in finding answers to your many questions about foreclosures, here are some links you can use:

Government Resources

State Foreclosure Resources - HUD is the primary resource for anyone dealing with FHA foreclosures in various states in the United States.    

Federal Trade Commission - The FTC is a regulating body which helps those with foreclosure questions get the answers they need about regulations and laws. 

U.S. Department of Treasury - When you're concerned about the interest rates you might see on your home or for your FHA foreclosure, the US Department of Treasury is the best resource for this information and other articles about financial queries.   

Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) - Users can determine on this site whether they qualify for the Home Affordable Refinance Program, allowing them to avoid foreclosure.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FCIC) - The FDIC works to help insure money that's in the bank, but also help connect bank information to the consumer.

Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) - The OTS strives to help give information about the thrift industry, including real estate questions, foreclosure trends, and concerns.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) - If you have concerns about your national bank and how it's handling your mortgage, go to the OCC website. h

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs (HUD) - The HUD provides homeowners with the counseling advice they need to avoid FHA foreclosures.  

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) - If you're faced with a VA foreclosure, the US Department of Veterans Affairs will help step in before the home goes into foreclosure. 

Fannie Mae
- The Making Home Affordable Program at Fannie Mae can help those who find themselves facing foreclosure.

Freddie Mac - Like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac is supporting the Making Home Affordable Program too for its mortgage holders in order to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. 

Freddie Mac's Home Affordable Modification Page - This webpage will help you find out how you might be able to modify your loan in order to make your mortgage more affordable. 

The White House - At the White House website, you can keep up to date with the latest news about foreclosures and economic recovery plans.

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan - The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan is designed to help anyone affected by the credit crisis include those with FHA loans, those facing FHA foreclosures, etc.

HUD Handbooks and other Literature
- When you need to find that HUD form for your counseling meeting, this link will take you to the form you need.

FHA Mortgage Limits - This page helps you determine the FHA mortgage limits based on your specific location.

Census Bureau - From the federal government, you can find regular construction statistics, including construction spending, new residential construction, residential improvements, construction price indexes, new residential sales, manufactured housing, etc. 

Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies
- Users of this web site will gain access to information about the housing market, helping educate the user about the current market and how it might affect their foreclosure or home buying experience.

PACER - For those who like to access court records online, PACER provides billing, centralized registration, and technical support center for U.S. district, bankruptcy, and appellate court records.

HUD Approved Counseling Agencies - If you need help with a foreclosure or believe you might be able to avoid a foreclosure, this site will help point out the local counseling agencies which have been approved by the HUD. 

Articles, PDF Files, Tools, Etc.

FTC's Site on Home Foreclosure Rescue Scams - Instead of having to deal with foreclosure scams, you can use this article to spot those scammers in your area.

FTC Consumer Information on Credit and Loan Queries - Available in English and Spanish, the FTC has gathered information on the latest foreclosure scams.

HUD PDF - How to Avoid Foreclosure - This free PDF file helps educate homeowners about how to avoid foreclosure on their home, no matter their lending terms. 

HUD Articles - Various articles about how to avoid foreclosure and what to do if you are having troubles paying down your mortgage. 

VA - What to Do If I Have Trouble Making My Payments? - This article speaks to those who might be facing a VA foreclosure, helping give actionable steps to avoid foreclosure. 

Ginnie Mae Loan Estimator
- This loan estimator will give a user a better idea of what kind of mortgage they can afford. 

HUD Mortgagee Letters
- This assemblage of mortgage documents helps users find the specific document they need for everything from loan modification to revised eligibility. 

HUD - Talk to a Housing Counselor
- When your mortgage seems out of control, you need to talk to a housing counselor and this article helps you make the most of this appointment. 

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